Great Standrop

I visit Little and Great Standrop to confirm that these fine tors consist of coarse-grained porphyritic ‘granite’.
The rock here is the classic grey type with large white phenocrysts of andesine feldspar. At Great Standrop aplite dykes are apparent cutting through the coarser rock which extends down to the rocky collar ringing the slopes above the Linhope Burn at around NT 944 177. At the foot of the collar, the rock appears to change to the medium-grained pink ‘granite’.
At NT 94590 17775, I find a fine-grained pink rock which I take to be a chilled margin of the pink medium-grained rock against the coarser material of the main Standrop ridge.
The characteristic coarse-grained ‘Standrop’ rock proves difficult to classify. Quartz content is roughly 20%, and in places plagioclase exceeds K-feldspar. The rock lies on the granite/syenite/monzonite/granodiorite boundary.