Geological excursions

General View from Harside Farm towards Linhope with Ritto Hill in middle

View looking from Hartside Farm towards Linhope.

Here are some of the geological field trips that we have made in the Cheviot Hills.
Each excursion describes the route we took and the locations where we found something interesting. The accompanying map supports the text and also locates some of the nearby geological features.

Menu of excursions

Bellyside Hill and Bellyside Crag

Breamish Valley and the Ainsey Burn

Brough Law

Cheviot and Woolhope Crag

Coldlaw Cairn, Shiel Cleugh and High Cantle

Dunmoor Hill

Harthope Valley

Hartside Hill and Knock Hill

Hawsen Burn, Hawsen Crags and Lambden Burn

Hedgehope Hill

Linhope Spout

No vestige of a beginning, – no prospect of an end